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News & Information – Coming sooner than you think

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We will skip the normal pleasantries that normally open our blog posts and get right to the point. You’ve been clamoring for something, anything regarding information from us, and we’ve been steadfast in our semi-silent approach.

We’ll call it “semi-silent” because our initial news drops that happened during summer were grand in nature, with the PC announcement coming during the week of E3 and then the Season 3 announcement plus the Rash beta info dropping during Gamescom. Other than those few beats, though, things have been admittedly quiet…until now.

We are sure you caught our post yesterday giving you a tiny peek in to Shadow Jago, and hopefully it satisfied your craving for KI news. Of course, we know your thirst cannot be fully quenched until the moment you can finally have Season 3 in your hands, but we are going to continue to pass along information as quickly as possible.

Now that we have that out of the way, let us move on to this website.

If you consider yourself canonically inclined, you’ve undoubtedly noticed our Characters section which gives you a bit of information about each character and a brief look at each of their backstories. Adam Isgreen has been hard at work fleshing out those backstories in great detail, and starting next week we will be releasing each character’s fully-explored story, and tying their narrative in to place for Season 3.

Since we had Adam Heart give us a few words yesterday, let’s keep in line with the newly-adopted trend of letting an Adam deliver wonderful morsels of information to you all. With that said, I’ll give Mr. Isgreen the floor to tell us what to expect from each of these pieces.

Hi everyone,

If you played through season 2’s story, you know we’ve set some things in motion regarding characters and events that will form the basis of season 3’s conflicts.

But some characters, particularly some S1 characters, didn’t get as much exposure during S2’s story as many of their loyal fans would have liked.  What have these characters been up to? Where have they been? How are they dealing with the imminent arrival of Gargos and Ultratech’s machinations? What about their own personal trials and tribulations? And what about their backstories? Is there more to these characters that we don’t know already? Give us answers!

Well, you’re going to get them – over time — leading up to Season 3.

We’ve been working through every character’s backstories from season 1 and 2, expanding and elaborating on their activities from season 1 onwards, tying them together in interesting ways, and giving you more insight into each character and their origins. We’ll be rolling out updated bios, new backstory information, and more detailed explanations of each character’s activities one at a time – one per week actually – until every character has been showcased. You should consider the character section of our web page an ever-evolving source of KI canon lore.

Additionally, with each character update we’ll also highlight an upcoming change that character is receiving (or we’re considering) as part of the season 3 rebalance. For those immediately saying “rebalance?! What?! More info!” As we roll up to launch, we’ll also be discussing the overall system changes and features that season 3 will bring to the game, so don’t worry. Quick version: KV changes (bigger combos!), many characters are getting buffs, a few are getting nerfs / balance changes, and two (ooh! Drama! Which two?) are having some rework done to them.

We’re very excited about what we’re rolling out for Killer Instinct’s 3rd season and we can’t wait to share more with all of you!

Big thanks to Adam for prepping that hype train, but it naturally feels like something is missing. Something of the stream variety. Between Seasons 1 and 2 we have alternated through Twitch streaming and textual streams, and we are looking at bringing both back to you.

As we start to inch closer to Season 3’s launch, we will naturally have more and more information to share with you about each character’s development, and we’ll be taking our talents back to Twitch to give you the real-time rundown exactly like we did in the past. Well, let me rephrase that. Maybe not exactly like we did in the past. Campbell might have to stay 50 feet away at all times.

We’ll be starting with a deep look at Rash (anyone going to Brazil… 😉 Hmmmm…), and as more and more characters are announced, you can bet we will be taking a look at them in the same fashion. Hate to say stay tuned…but….stay tuned .

Our textual streams going forward will be from a current developmental standpoint. A place where we will talk about the changes you can expect to come to the game through individual patches, and little tidbits about features that we are working on.

Last but not least, we appreciate your commitment to our wonderful community, and we completely understand that you are craving more information. We’re happy to say that it is coming!

Thanks again, and we’ll catch you next week.