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Patch Notes 2.10

UltraTech Timestamp:


Hey everyone,

Things have been a bit more quiet than you’re used to. That’s because we’ve been hard at work on Season 3 and adding a ton of improvements in CU 2.10… latest patch that will go live on Tuesday September 29th in the afternoon. The update will start rolling out after 4 pm PST/7 pm EST and be an automatic update around 8 PM PST/11 PM EST.

Shadow Lab

*Added ability to use Kan-Ra, Aganos, and Hisako in Shadow Lab *Fixed an issue where players couldn’t sort Shadow Leaderboards by Shadow Ranking *Fixed an issue where skipping Tiers in Shadow Survival starts the user at the first fight of the ladder *Fixed an issue where the player was always rewarded 5 Shadow Points in Shadow Survival *Fixed an issue where incorrect UI would appear and overlap when unlocking a second character Slot in Shadow Lab *Fixed an issue where KI Gold did not dynamically update while in Shadow Lab *Fixed an issue where a Shadow loses all accessories after equipping an accessory purchased with KI Gold *Fixed an issue that caused controllers to lose functionality during a Sign In State change while saving Shadow Data

Ranked Leagues

*Improved Matchmaking within the Killer tier Ladder

Command List

*ARIA – Added High Invulnerability description to Light Dissonance *Riptor – Added High Invulnerability description to Shadow Tail Flip *Riptor – Added Projectile Invulnerability description to Shadow Talon Rake *Riptor – Added Invulnerability description to Shadow Clever Girl *Riptor – Added Predator Mode description to Shadow Shoulder Charge *Aganos – Added High Invulnerability description to Shadow Natural Disaster *Hisako – Added Throw Invulnerabilty description to Influence

Story Mode

*Fixed an issue where the player could see a cinematic in the background of the mural *Fixed an issue preventing Fulgore’s Story Mode endings from properly unlocking

General Fixes

*Fixed a crash that could occur during DLC check when signing into the game biometrically *Fixed an issue where Hisako’s Trailer and Fight Reels had no audio *Fixed an issue preventing Omen’s Rashakuken from counting towards his Fight Challenges *Fixed an issue that resulted in character accessories disappearing after performing a Stage Ultra on Forgotten Grotto and Village of Whispers *Fixed an issue where multiple drones appeared during ARIA’s intro *Fixed an issue where resetting positions during ARIA’s instinct activation caused her to become invisible *Fixed an issue where Maya’s daggers did not return to her hands when hitting Restart in Practice Mode *Fixed an issue where Sadira’s Web Cling VFX had less web particles than intended *Fixed an issue where Retro Cinder became very bright when performing Shadow Moves *Fixed an issue where Rich Presence did not display correctly while in Combo Breaker Training mode *Fixed an issue where the camera did not reset properly in training mode after Thunder performed his Call of Earth Ender

Gameplay System Changes:

*If you are being launched backward by a Wall Splat move and your opponent does a counterbreaker, you will not slide back nearly as far and will be able to punish the counterbreaker attempt. *Fixed a bug where Shadow Enders could be counter broken on block when canceled from an opener. *Shadow Lab- overall system intelligence enhancements.

Character Changes:


*Fixed a bug causing the extra Endokuken in Instinct Mode to autocorrect. *Fixed a bug causing the lower body vulnerable hitbox on the whiff landing of Heavy Wind Kick to vanish for a few frames. *Moved the lower body vulnerable hitbox to an earlier frame when whiffing Shadow Wind Kick to avoid an issue where he had clearly landed and you were clearly attacking his legs, but your attack would whiff. *Fixed a bug that could cause Shadow Tigers Fury to not cash out in specific situations where it should have.


*Increase the reach of the hitbox on the 5th hit of Shadow Leaping Slash slightly so that it doesn’t have less range than the 4th hit. This was leading to a whiffed autodouble if you could manage to get the 4th hit to strike a grounded opponent, but the 5th hit to whiff.


*Fixed an issue where Back Throw into Back Throw was not possible against Jago, Kan-Ra, and Omen. *Fixed an issue that allowed Thunder to combo into the non-combo version of Call of Earth after Backthrow for unscaled damage.


*Fixed a bug preventing Orchid from doing an Ultra after an opener recapture air throw. *Fixed a bug preventing Orchid from doing an Ultra after an auto double performed after an opener recapture air throw.


*Fixed a bug causing the 2nd and 3rd Energy Bolts to autocorrect.

TJ Combo:

*Fixed an issue during the landing from Tremor where TJ could not counterbreaker, but could still be broken. *Fixed a bug that allowed TJ to tech throw attempts while attempting to Shoot Toss from Powerline Cancel. *Fixed a bug that caused TJ’s linkers to blow out before their final hit. *Fixed an issue that could cause the first hit of Lv4 Powerline Ender to whiff after a recapture.


*Fixed a bug that allowed Maya to cancel her Counter Breaker attempt into Instinct mode if her opponent was in hitstun from a projectile.

Kan Ra:

*Fixed an issue that allowed Shadow Clutch to cash out during an opener ender situation, even though it was still breakable. *Removed a safe counterbreaker performed during the landing of a juggle Jumping Heavy Kick. *Fixed a bug preventing Kan-Ra from performing a counter breaker during Shadow Whirl in some situations even though his opponent could break it. *Fixed an issue that could cause the first hit of Lv4 Clutch Ender to whiff after a recapture. *Fixed a VFX bug where Whirl VFX would linger during the super freeze of Shadow Whirl when Kara cancelling. *Fixed a bug where Kan-Ra’s standing heavy kick could turn on hit stop for projectiles, but not turn it off, causing various other bugs to occur.


*Fixed a bug that made run back Heavy Kick breakable as a medium instead of a heavy. *Fixed an issue that could cause Riptor’s Ultra to be blocked or whiff if performed in very specific situations. *Fixed a bug that caused Heavy Kick Easy Linker and Heavy Kick Auto Double to blow out before the final hit.


*Fixed a bug that made Furious Flurry linkers blow out before their final hit. *Fixed a bug causing the extra Rashakuken in Instinct Mode to autocorrect. *Made an adjustment to spacing on Auto Doubles to prevent them from whiffing while cursed by Kan-Ra. *Fixed a bug where Kan-Ra’s curse would make Omen’s throw blockable.


*The Linker version and Shadow Counter version of Shadow Natural Disaster can now recapture on the final hit, as intended. *Fixed a bug that allowed Aganos to be thrown out of a recapture stagger, while no other character was throwable in the same situation. We are aware of an issue where he can still be thrown from a standing recapture when he shouldn’t be throw vulnerable, and this issue will be fixed in 2.11. YES AGANOS CAN BE THROWN *Fixed a bug preventing Aganos from performing an Ultra after a Heavy Kick Autodouble in the mirror match only. *Fixed a bug causing the hitboxes during the startup of Shadow Payload Assault to go missing. *Fixed a bug causing the thrown Peacekeeper to not destroy Spinal’s Shadow Skull and Fulgore Shadow Energy Bolt properly. *Fixed a bug that would cause Shadow Ruin to cash out when it shouldn’t (normal move xx shadow ruin).


*Fixed a bug that caused Hisako to not give her opponent any meter when they were blocking Shadow On Ryo Zan. *Fixed an issue where a successful high vengeance counter would whiff against certain invulnerable attacks on their way into the air, such as Shadow Sammamish. *Fixed a bug causing a kara-cancel from the Level 1 Vacuum Ender to Shadow Vacuum Ender to force a throw break animation to occur because of a missing sequence. If you ever thought your ender or ultra were throw-teched, this is actually what you were seeing.


*Fixed a bug that made his Inferno and Trailblazer linkers blow out before their final hit. Fission linker will continue to blow out on its 1st hit due to a separate issue. *Fixed a bug causing Shadow Inferno, Shadow Fission, and Shadow Pyrobomb to autocorrect after the super freeze. *Fixed a bug causing Shadow Inferno, Shadow Fission, and Shadow Pyrobomb to give no meter to the opponent on hit or block. *Fixed a bug causing Pyrobombs to not be destroyed when being thrown by Kan-Ra normal throws. *Fixed a bug that made Fission Linkers unbreakable and give massive frame advantage if performed right after crashing into the ground from a Trailblazer. *Increased the size of the front Jumping Medium Kick hitbox so that it wouldn’t whiff smaller crouching characters. *We are aware of an issue causing Inferno and Heavy Fission moves to be much more negative on hit and block than expected and a fix will be in 2.11.


*Fixed a bug preventing ARIA from using Upload to change bodies before the match begins. She was always intended to be able to switch before the fight starts. *Lowered bottom point of vulnerable box on crouching LP and standing LP so she can’t avoid Riptor Flame Carpet with it. *Fixed a bug preventing ARIA from cancelling manuals into specials if she performed them from too far away.

No Changes for:

-Glacius -Sadira -Spinal

As usual we’ll continue to keep an eye on your current experience with the latest updates leading up to Season 3 which releases March 2016. Enjoy.

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