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Patch Notes 2.11

UltraTech Timestamp:


The latest update to Killer Instinct Season 2 will start rolling out on November 3rd after 4pm PST/7pm EST and be an automatic update around  8pm PST/11pm EST.

New Features

  •    *You can new purchase the long-awaited XP Boosters from the Store!
  •    *Shadow Lab – Added ability to watch Shadow Match replays in Shadow Activity!
  •    *Shadow Lab – Added Cinder and ARIA Shadows
  •    *Added HUD Meter Volume slider to Audio Options

Shadow Lab Fixes

  •    *Fixed an issue where Bounties were not deleted when the list reached its limit
  •    *Fixed an issue where signing out during Shadow Activity rewards process caused a softlock
  •    *Fixed an issue where Command Throws impacted the “Throw Tech” stat in Shadow Brain
  •    *Fixed an issue where loading into a 100 SP tier Shadow Survival match actually loaded into a 50 SP tier match
  •    *Various other system intelligence and performance improvements

Miscellaneous Fixes

  •    *Renamed Kyle difficulty to “Ultimate (Kyle)”
  •    *Fixed an issue that caused Alchemical Lab to appear washed out after playing in Crash Site
  •    *Fixed an issue where Spinal’s Viking Boots appeared overly dark
  •    *Fixed an issue where Riptor clip through her Dino Armor accessories
  •    *Fixed an issue where Riptor’s Feathered Limbs had missing pieces
  •    *Fixed an issue where Jago’s intro can be heard during Omen’s intro when vs Jago

System Changes:

  •    *Fixed a bug that would eat a player’s special cancel input if their opponent performed a Shadow Counter during the blockstop from the attack.
  •    *Fixed an issue that allowed several characters to perform Auto Doubles and Linkers after Instinct Activation following a Wall Splat. All characters must now perform a manual in order to combo after a Wall Splat.
  •    *Fixed an issue preventing certain Shadow moves that were breakable after a Wall Splat from being Counter Breakable.
  •    *Fixed a bug where some Enders could become counter breakable on whiff. Enders now only become breakable if the opponent is in a hit reaction.


  •    *Fixed a bug that could cause two crouching light kicks to come out in one button press if performed late after a standing light kick.
  •    *Fixed a bug that caused Shadow Tiger Fury to be Counter Breakable on block.


  •    *Fixed a bug that could cause Linker Shadow Leaping Slash to be bluffable and blocked after certain attacks.


  •    *Fixed a bug that could cause Linker Shadow Ankle Slicer and Linker Shadow Triplax to be bluffable and blocked after certain attacks.


  •    *Fixed a bug that could cause Linker Shadow Blade Demon and Linker Shadow Widow’s Bite to be bluffable and blocked after certain attacks or jump cancels.


  •    *Fixed a bug preventing Orchid’s Firecats in instinct from being destroyable by normals that destroy projectiles.

TJ Combo:

  •    *Fixed a bug that could cause Linker Shadow Flying Knee to be bluffable and blocked after certain attacks.

Kan Ra:

  •    *Fixed a bug that could cause Antilion to teleport Kan-Ra as if the hit was successful even if it missed, so long as the opponent was in hitstun from a swarm or another move.
  •    *Fixed a very rare issue that could cause his Ultra Combo to drop the opponent.


  •    *Fix a bug that would cause Primal Linkers to come out on Heavy Buttons instead of Heavy Auto Doubles if you performed an opener special move right after a flame attack.


  •    *Fixed a bug we accidentally introduced in 2.10 that prevented Omen from canceling the later half of his throw into Instinct.


  •    *Fixed a bug causing Peacemaker Command Grab to whiff if the opponent was armored.
  •    *Fixed a bug causing Aganos to be throwable during the ground ‘face slam’ version of recapture.
  •    *Fixed a bug that allowed Aganos to get a fresh Peacemaker in certain Grab->WallCrash situations even though it should have been destroyed.
  •    *Fixed a bug where an opponent would still impact an Aganos wall after successfully performing a Combo Breaker.


  •    *Fixed an issue causing the recapture stun to be much shorter on the Medium and Heavy versions of Air On Ryo Zan.
  •    *Fixed a bug that could cause Linker Shadow On Ryo Zan to be bluffable and blocked after certain attacks.
  •    *Fixed a bug preventing Possession from grabbing characters who were performing attacks labeled Unblockable (such as Glacius Shatter).


  •    *Fixed a bug causing Heavy Fission to be very negative instead of very positive.
  •    *Redid the bugged Inferno frame data to make it more useful in combat.
  •    *Fixed a bug where Fission Linker hitboxes could be retriggered after a blowout.


  •    *Fixed a bug that caused Explosive Arc to turn on projectile hitstop while a drone was hitting the opponent.

No changes for Spinal, Glacius, Fulgore, & Maya.

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