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Patch Notes 3.11.16 & 3.11.18

UltraTech Timestamp:

PATCH 3.11.18 UPDATE (5/14/24):

  • Fixed texture issue that caused several of Mira’s retro accessories to not render correctly.
  • This also fixed an Xbox One crash when selecting these accessories in the Store/Fighters/Accessories menu.

Hello again, Killers! We have another small patch for you coming off the heels of 3.11.15. This patch makes adjustments to some of our newly unlocked colors and to our recently added menu options. 


  • Fixed the default options in Audio for Sound-Link Figure and Voice Chat – they will be set to Off and On, respectively. 


  • Fixed the color of Hisako’s bow on her Color 10 – it is now yellow. 
  • Improved the readability of Shadow Jago’s Color 11 on darker stages. 
  • Fixed a bug in Sabrewulf’s Color 10 that caused his fur to appear flat and dark. This change will make his fur appear dark brown with red tones as intended, which will read better on darker stages. This will also improve his Color 3 appearance.