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Patch Notes – 3.3.1

UltraTech Timestamp:

Hey everyone!  Today’s update is just a short list of various character balance and bug fixes that you will find below.  Additionally, you will find comments from the Development Team on why certain changes were made in Italics.




  • Fixed an issue that could prevent some auto doubles from moving close enough to hit after a 1-hit cross-under Shadow Slide.


Kim Wu:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause some Enders to drop when cancelled late after certain manuals or doubles.



  • Fixed a bug causing HP attacks to build less meter than intended.
  • Fixed a bug causing Minions to build meter back for Gargos when they attack.
  • Medium and Heavy Portal Punches now build the same amount of meter as the Light Portal Punch.
  • Minion normal attack damage reduced by 25%
  • Stoneskin Explosion no longer causes a hard knockdown and the launch velocities have changed to make this closer to even on hit.  You won’t get a safe minion summon after landing this anymore.



  • Warrior Jumping HP deals 11 frames less blockstun.  (Previously, when used on the way up, this left Eyedol at +6.  Now it leaves him at -7 when performed on the way up, making this difficult-to-anti-air normal much more of a risk when used in this way.)
  • Warrior Jumping HP attackbox starts 1 frame later and ends 7 frames sooner. It reaches behind him less far as well. (We never intended this move to be active for so long after the swing, or to be able to cross up in odd situations)
  • During instinct, the Meteor Shower after Shadow Crushing Swing comes out 20 frames later and a bit farther away from Eyedol.  It still juggles on hit, but on whiff or block, opponents will have an opportunity to hit you before the Meteor Shower starts, preventing it from ever coming out.
  • Shadow Meteor Shower meteors deal 3 points of damage, down from 7 points of damage.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Shadow Meteor Shower from dealing chip damage.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Shadow Counter in Mage stance to use two meters if they were available.



  • Prepped Earth defenses and charged up Ultratech defense batteries. Gargos Alert: DEFCON 4 ETA: IMMINENT