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Patch Notes 3.9.13

Posted by Microsoft Studios -

Happy Thursday everyone! A patch was pushed out this morning and I know everyone is wondering, “What did this patch do??” and I’m here to give you the run-down. Ready? Good. Here we go!


Character Gameplay:

  • Combo Breaker advantage time for Sabrewulf is 0 (was -7).
  • Combo Breaker advantage time for Rash is +1 (was +9).
  • Rash’s Light Kick AutoDouble advantage time has been fixed. This was +11 (not intended), it now matches his Light Punch AutoDouble at +2.


Shadow Lords Mission:

  • Fixed issue where the Relic Hunt quest chain would not spawn again if the player lost to Gargos (or started a new play though) before completing it.


Shadow Lords:

Big update to the pack system and mode as follows:

  • Pack system has been changed to offer an individual pack for every Guardian and rarity tier (Common, Rare, Epic, Killer and Crimson) for a total of 50 packs.
  • Health and Loot packs now always have the same predefined items, which are listed in their description.
  • All Common-Killer Guardian tier packs are now in offered on a daily rotation schedule.
  • A base set of packs are available every day which include Healing, Loot and a 3 lower tier Guardians.
  • Crimson Guardians are now offered on a weekly rotation schedule.
  • All Guardian’s Common-Epic tiers acquired from packs are now always ‘perfect’ (best version/stats of that tier). Killer and Crimson were already always ‘perfect’.
    • The exception is the Common Ram given to the player during the tutorial to the mode (only available first time playing Shadow Lords). This will not be ‘perfect’.
  • Adjusted the Astral Gem and KI Gold costs and Astral Energy included to reflect the new individual pack contents. Reduced costs on some existing packs.
  • Increased the Transmute Astral Gem values given for of all Guardians dramatically.
  • Decreased the Transmute Astral Energy values given for all of the Guardians. For every buff (gems) there is a nerf!
  • Increased the amount of Astral Energy needed to feed Killer and Crimson Guardians (aka cost per use).


KI Store:

  • Cost for XP Boosters reduced by 50%
  • On Steam: Fixed the error preventing purchase of KI Gold


Please be sure you are updated and playing on the newest version of the game: 3.9.3901301.289364.r


Steam users: Please make sure to go to the local file menu option and ‘verify integrity of game files’ to ensure your running the correct version of all files.


Wanna chat patch notes? Hop over to the forum post and chime in!



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