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Quality-of-Life May Update

UltraTech Timestamp:

Dear Combo Breakers, 

This winter will be Killer Instinct’s 10th year on Xbox Live. Throughout that time, Xbox platforms and services have been constantly evolving. We have been able to keep KI operating and adapting to many of these changes behind the scenes. Over the last five years, however, it has become more challenging to deal with issues that crop up due to KI’s reliance on legacy services. We have been working on solutions to address these concerns. Thank you for being patient and amazing fans through any bumps in the road. 

We have started migrating KI’s legacy services to PlayFab services, a process which will happen over the next several months. This is a quality-of-life (QOL) update and does not have any new content or tuning changes: it ensures the game you know and love continues to provide the best possible player experience. 

Today, we’ve kicked off the first migration build for Xbox consoles, Windows PC, and Steam. Here is what to expect when you launch your updated KI for the first time: 

  • Your game version will update to 3.9.30917.1.290283. 
  • You can expect a longer than normal load time (normally 40-60 seconds, but potentially minutes depending on your connection speed).  
  • You may see a warning ‘Refreshing DLC Timeout.’ We encourage you to select ‘Wait’ as this will continue the sync.  

Once complete, you should notice no change. All content you’ve purchased or unlocked will be available, and all progression will be the same. That’s it!  

There is one important change on Xbox consoles only: Purchasing KI Gold is temporarily disabled in the Xbox Store. This does not affect your ability to redeem KI Gold. Until a larger backend change is completed, KI Gold can be purchased on the Killer Instinct Microsoft Store page, under “Add-ons for this game.”

Additional Fixes:  

  • Fixed an issue where both players would lose points after leaving Ranked mode on Steam.  
  • Fixed an issue where characters would appear locked for some PC Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users playing Definitive Edition on PC. All characters should now be unlocked.

For additional troubleshooting needs, please visit our dedicated thread in the forums here.