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Ranked Crossplay Test – February 2024

UltraTech Timestamp:

See an update about our XP promo and changes to Ranked Promotions at the bottom!



You’ve been asking for years to allow Ranked Crossplay between Steam and Xbox/Windows. Thanks to some fancy new services, now available to us in Killer Instinct: Anniversary Edition, we are going to give it an initial (very experimental) test run. 

Ranked Crossplay Test

Starts: Friday, February 9, at 12 PM PST

Ends: Monday, February 12, at 8 AM PST 

Get ready, new rivals are coming your way – but with a few important caveats we’d like you to keep in mind before playing and giving us feedback:  

  • Ranked Leaderboards for both Xbox/Windows and Steam will remain separate. 
    • This is a necessary compromise for us to allow Ranked Crossplay.
    • Example: If a Steam player gets a win over an Xbox player, the Steam player will gain points for the Steam Leaderboard, while the Xbox player will lose points for the Xbox Leaderboard. 
  • During this test window, the Block Cross-Network Play function will be bypassed in Ranked mode only. By playing Ranked, you are opting in to playing Cross-Network during this time. Other online modes are not affected. 
  • If you are an Xbox player concerned about performance while playing against PC users, remember: Both the Windows and Steam versions of the game require players to pass a performance test requiring 60 FPS before playing online, ensuring that your matches will feel great.  

This Ranked Crossplay Test will help determine if we will add this feature in a future update, pending evaluation of results and the community’s feedback. Let us know how you feel, and we’ll do everything we can to make it the best experience for everyone.  

Enjoy the weekend with friends, encounter new foes in Ranked, and report back to us next week in the following spaces.

Ultra-Combo Forum

KI Twitter

KI Facebook

As always, please use the hashtag #PlayKI so we don’t miss your feedback! On Monday, 2/12/22, we will also post on Twitter and Facebook asking for your feedback after the playtest. 


XP Bonus

During this weekend’s Ranked Crossplay test, we’re simultaneously running an XP promo. If you have Killer Instinct: Anniversary Edition, you will be netting 3X the amount of XP in every mode. If you’re jumping into Ranked, you will gain a bonus 1.75% baseline boost. Yes, these XP bonuses stack!

If you don’t have Killer Instinct: Anniversary Edition, do not worry. You can play Ranked Crossplay in the Free-To-Play version too.

Ranked Promotions

Looking to promote this weekend? Starting today, we’ve put in a new permanent change to promotions. Promotion matches now have significantly less penalty for lost matches.

There’s never been a better time to become a Killer in Killer Instinct.