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Ranked Leagues Scoring Update

UltraTech Timestamp:

Hey everyone,

DJames (aka Total JimKata) here with some Ranked League news.

It’s been a little over 1 week since the first ever Killer Instinct League reset and wow the battles have been intense!  There has been a ton of playing and we already have over 450 players at the Killer Tier!

We have been following your feedback closely and I am happy to announce that today we are rolling out some changes that will help you with your climb to the top.

  • Score Increases: Now that it is best 2/3 game for Gold & Killer Tiers, this makes Gold vs. Gold and Killer vs. Gold matches longer to complete. To compensate, we are raising the reward for these matches as follows:
    • Gold Win Vs. Gold = 45 points (was 30)
    • Gold Win vs Killer = 59 points (was 39)
    • Killer Win vs Gold = 35 points (was 18)
    • Gold & Killer vs. Qualifier through Silver win points have also been slightly increased. Example: Gold Win vs Silver = 32 (was 21).
  • Gold & Killer Loss Adjustments: With this increase, we also are adjusting slightly the cost of losing to other tiers as follows:
    • Gold Loss vs Qualifier through Gold =  -35 (was -25)
    • Gold Loss vs Killer =  -25 (was -18)
    • Killer Loss vs Qualifier through Gold = -35 (was -25)
    • Killer Loss vs Killer = Unchanged (still -50).
  • Promotion Loss Adjustment: We are reducing cost of losing a promotion match (any tier) to -150 points (was -200). Most tiers will only have to win ~4 matches (in a row) to get right back to the promotion match.

These changes will be rolling out today at 3pm PST and we hope you find this helps improve your climb!

New Players: For those players new to leagues, I wanted to take a moment to welcome you to our community! We just reset our league 11 days ago and as a result the competition is incredibly tough right now in all 5 tiers as players climb back up the tiers.  So don’t get frustrated if you find yourself fighting a Qualifier only to find yourself in the fight of your life, that player may have been a Killer just last month! Here are a couple of tips to help you better identify just what real skill level of player you may be fighting:

  • Look at Character & Player Levels: On the VS loading screen, look at their Fight Card, here is mine as an example: JGFightCard

    • #1) Notice that I am a Level 50 Sabrewulf, which means I have played this character so much, I have max leveled him. Might be not too shabby with this guy.
    • #2) I am also Player Level 36. This means that I play KI a bunch. While not Level 50, I am still very dedicated and probably know my way around how to play. I am actually a former Gold Tier player.
  • Look for Killer Pro Stars: Watch for Killer Pro Stars on their Fight Card like this one from our good friend CStyles45! He has 2, which means not only did he used to be a Killer Tier player, but 2 times he placed in the Top 32 monthly Killer battle!  Buckle up for this fight! CstylesCard2

For the totally new players, here is some great advice from CStyles45 to help you hit the ground running:

“Use the tools available in game to help understand the mechanics of Killer Instinct – Dojo, Combo Breaker Training, and practice mode are all great resources to help get you going. Additionally, watch videos/gameplay of your favorite character on Twitch, YouTube, or the forums to help understand how to play the character and learn matchups. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions! The Community as a whole is very supportive and welcoming to new players. We all started out new at some point and have no problem in helping someone learn what Killer Instinct is all about!”

That wraps up the changes happening today. Over the next month or so as more people play and climb, the Tiers within our Leagues will normalize and fighting within your current tier will be more evenly matched. Keep at it and see how far you can get!

As always, please let us know what you think of these changes and feedback you have to help make Ranked Leagues great!