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Rash’s Accessories

UltraTech Timestamp:


If you caught yesterday’s live stream, you undoubtedly were given an influx of information including the accessories for a couple of characters – Rash and Kim Wu.

As promised, we wanted to give you the non-ripped-from stream screenshots of Rash in his accessories, so let’s get to it.

Above you’ll see Rash’s default look with no accessories. Check the gallery below for a look at the G.I. Toad, Founding Frog, & Toad’em accessory sets.

Note that the Toad’em set is a Premium accessory set, and can only be purchased with KI Gold.


Next up is Rash’s accessory options available on his Retro costume (pictured above). The names of the following are Princely, Rarewear, & Groovy. Click through the gallery!

Like the Toad’em set above, Groovy is a Premium accessory set and only available with KI Gold.

That’ll do it for today’s look, but tomorrow we’ll have Kim Wu, so keep it locked here for more.

For now pop in to the forums and let us know what you think.