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Rash’s Default & Retro Colors

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By now you’ve seen the above image a multitude of times, and you know that it is Rash’s Default color in Killer Instinct Season 3. Being the savvy KI player that you are, you also know that each character boasts 8 more additional colors which can be unlocked through XP progression while playing.

We figured it’s about time we show you each of Rash’s other colors coming to Killer Instinct on March 29th. Check out the gallery below for colors 2-9.


Ok, well we could wrap things up here, or we could go ahead and look at Rash’s Retro colors. What do you say? No-brainer, right? Let’s proceed. Rash_Retro_1

Here’s Rash’s Color 1 option for the Retro look. You may recall that you saw this version of Rash when he was playable during his beta period last August. A lot has been added since then, so let’s check out the other retro color variations.

Rainbow Rash is a thing. When Season 3 launches, the first words you say had better be, “welp, time to go unload the toad and give folks a taste of this rainbow Rash.” Of course you may want to be weary of present company, but surely you’ve got it handled.

Already know your next question. Yes, you saw the colors, but where in the world are his accessories? We’ve got them, and we will be showing them to you soon, promise!

For now enjoy the small nugget provided, and look forward to next week when we look at Kim Wu’s color sets. (Are you noticing a weekly theme here?)

Let us know what you think in the forums, and we’ll catch you next time.