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Rash’s Trailer

UltraTech Timestamp:

[youtube video=”3xzwafCJ28I” ]

Well, this is a bit of an oddity, yeah? We showed Rash yesterday, and even made him available for download, but keen folks asked one important, burning question: where is Rash’s trailer?

Fret not, Killer Instinct Community. Rash’s trailer is here and ready for your consumption.

One note – while you’re watching you will notice some definite differences between moves you see in the trailer, and Rash’s capabilities on your console currently. it’s true, Rash is not ‘finished’ by any means, and we are still adding things to his moveset. Here’s what’s not in the current build now:

-Big Bad Boot Linkers -Throw (lifts them above his head) -Mace Foot on Medium Kicks -Axe Foot on Heavy Kicks -Taunt -Ultra

Of course it goes without saying that these thingsĀ are indeed coming to Rash’s character in the future, but for now they’re unavailable.

Thanks for watching!