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The Road to the KI World Cup

UltraTech Timestamp:

Hey, everyone! Brandon Alexander here with a few updates!


Man, it has been a crazy fast year for the tour and Killer Instinct! So many new characters, new modes, ultimate’s made a return and, we kick started our 2017 KI community fund! The great thing about that is we are already at the $50,000 mark and, there’s still time to raise more!


If you haven’t already get Kilgore today to support the KI Community at:


Let’s talk about the road to KIWC!


KI World Cup is less than a month away and, we have so many things going on along the way!

As you already know we have Kombo Klash France happening this weekend


Kombo Klash France info:


Then on the 26th of February, we have the FINAL event Before KIWC, Kombo Klash Online! Players from all over will be competing (best 3/5) for $3,000 provided by the KI Ultra Tour and a chance at qualifying for KIWC in March!


You can sign up for FREE at!


  • The Event Date is Feburary 26th, 2017
  • Tournament starts at 1pm CST
  • Top 16 goes LIVE at 5pm CST on


This is an event you can’t miss!


Top 32 Killers


February’s Top 32 is the last chance at points before KIWC. Be sure to be grinding in Ranked Leagues to get those points so you can snipe your way in!


KIWC points


I have also updated the KIWC Points at! Go check out the standings and see where everyone is at! We have over 300 players that have competed for KIWC points this Season!! That’s more than half of last years player count! KI is growing!



Now if you haven’t already get you tickets for KI World Cup / KI Con 2017 now because they are selling fast! Tickets are available at!


That’s all I have for this week! I’ll be back next week with more updates & guest announcements!


Thank you all for the support



Brandon Alexander

Head of Killer Instinct World Cup