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Shadow Lords Crashing – Fix Found & An Optional Work Around

UltraTech Timestamp:

Hi everyone,

We finally found the bug that is crashing Shadow Lords! Thanks to all the players that helped us with their save data, you made a huge difference.

This bug will be fixed in 3.7, but unfortunately that is currently not scheduled until March. There is a voluntary work around that you can do that has been confirmed (by a volunteer player), so you do not have to wait.

Here is the issue:

  • The crash is only affecting people that have more than 32 friends on a Shadow Lords (SL) leaderboard.
  • Each difficulty has a unique leaderboard.
  • So player A for example might have 40 friends that are on SL Normal, and 20 friends on Challenging, 10 on Godlike. Player A therefore gets a crash when trying to play SL Normal, but SL works on Challenging and Godlike.

This is why players are reporting that some difficulties crash but not others!

This is the voluntary temporary fix: * Reduce your friends list of players that are on Shadow Lords leaderboards to get under the 32-friend limit caused by this bug. * The hard part about this is knowing who and how many. A suggestion is look at friends and compare if they have Shadow Lords achievements if you are not sure. * Another suggestion is to reduce in batches, then see if you can run Shadow Lords on the difficulty you desire. Stop once it works.

We totally understand this is not ideal and the bug will be properly fixed in 3.7 and this limitation will be gone.

Sharing this work around is purely to ensure that you have all the information, and give you the choice to get back into the mode. Especially with Kilgore’s secret quest just released we do not want you to miss out.

We really are bummed, this is the kind of bug that we lose sleep over, again thank you to the players that gave us such great info and help to find and crush it.