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Super Killer Pack

UltraTech Timestamp:

Starting today, we’re introducing the Super Killer Pack in Shadow Lords! This Limited Time Pack includes 4 Guaranteed Killer Guardians: The Ram, Snake, Exemplar, and Vampire Bat! These ultra powerful Guardians are bound to help you on your quest to stop Gargos and his mimics.


The Super Killer Pack is only available as a Limited Time offer until the 16th, so act fast! You’ll also get 15,000 Astral Energy as a special gift!



The Killer Ram grants you with 8 Psychic Breakers at the start of the match. Unlike the other Tiers, this means that you can easily break 8 Combos without the need of taking additional damage. This is especially helpful against Shadow Lord Gargos for a few reasons:


  1. You can use this to mitigate damage. Gargos hits hard, but it’s a lot harder for him if he can’t put you in combos.
  2. You can use the Ram to force him into the corner. This allows you to put him in a situation where he’s trapped in the corner, making it harder for him to escape and summon Minions.






The Killer Exemplar is actually one of the best Guardians to use against Gargos specifically, assuming you have the timing down. The trick is to study Gargos’ moves. He has a lot of moves that are extremely deliberate and hit multiple times. There are also some other secrets, like being able to Parry attacks after blocking. Simply press Forward after blocking the first attack and you’re almost guaranteed to Parry the next. This will allow you to get some sick punishes!



Vampire Bat

 The Killer Vampire Bat is the classic go-to Guardian. It’s especially useful in situations where you don’t have any healing items or you’re fighting an opponent who deals a lot of damage. For the fight against Gargos, being able to drain his Shadow Meter and Instinct Meter means that he has less of a chance to summon Minions and he’s less likely to use Resurrection. Very key strategies for success!





 The Snake is where the actions at. This Guardian will help you wreck every single opponent you face. The trick with this Guardian is to do short combos after activating Poison Bite. This will help you maximize damage without the risk of Combo Breakers!


Here’s a nice tactic to help you beat the Shadow Lord –