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Sadira’s Ultimate

If you’ve somehow forgotten, the Ultimates Ultra Pack launches on May 2nd, and includes Ultimates for the following characters: Fulgore, Sadira, Aria, Riptor, and Kilgore. We’ve already shown you Fulgore’s… Read More

KI Free Character Rotation – May 11th

The lethal spider queen leads her clan of assassins on a dark mission, and you can use her free this week.

Killer Insight: Grant “Tswagg” Gibson

Meet Grant “Tswagg” Gibson, one of the youngest and already accomplished Killer Instinct competitors. We talk about his top 8 finish at EVO 2014 and the upcoming KI World Cup.

Sadira on Sale for $1 – Deals with Gold

Rule the skies as yet another Killer Instinct character is featured in this week’s Deals with Gold Program!

The Widow’s Bite

Hey all! We’re ringing in Monday with another look at our in-depth character backstories. This week’s piece features Sadira.