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Thanks for 2 Wonderful Years

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November 22nd 2013 – 2 years ago today the Xbox One launched, and with it came the revamped version of Killer Instinct we all know and love today. That night back in 2013 was a fun night for fans and developers alike, as hundreds of people poured in to the Microsoft Store here in Seattle, WA, to get their hands on the Xbox One and celebrate the launch of a new generation of gaming.


Fast forward to today, and not only are we celebrating two wonderful years of KI, we’re eagerly looking forward to the launch of Season 3 in March 2016. The future is bright,  and we owe it all to you, our wonderful community, for helping to make Killer Instinct what it is today. Thank you for continuing to pour everything you’ve got in to making KI and its community so awesome.

If you’ve fired up Killer Instinct in the last day or so, you may have noticed that you’ve unlocked a new Challenge for completing a match. This is a small way for us to say thank you to everyone for their continued support, and we hope you enjoy that little XP boost that comes along with it. Haven’t unlocked the Challenge yet? Do it. Trust us. More on that later in this blog…


Let’s get to talking about news.

Shadow Jago – We’re coming up fast on December, and if you recall we mentioned that Shadow Jago would release with his own moveset by the end of the year. We can tell you one thing for sure. Shadow Jago will release in December. The exact date will be announced at a later time. Not too late, though, promise.

As a matter of fact, the wheels are in motion to get a Shadow Jago livestream rolling, and there may be a fun video in the works that gives you a little hype for the impending release… It’s nothing concrete, but if you’re at all familiar with production schedules this means, “we’re close.”

Update 2.12 – It’s coming, and this Update will bring a small change to the UI in preparation for Season 3. We grabbed Keits to give us a little look at what’s coming, and we’ll release that piece Monday morning.

Ok, that’s all for now, but let’s get back to the Challenge we mentioned earlier.

CTuNZ3UVAAAzGo5 There’s a myriad of swag sitting around the office, and we do our best to slowly unload it each Friday. This week we’re going to do something a little different. See that fight stick in the picture above? We’re going to give away 2 of those bad boys. See the KI game sitting there, wishing for a new owner? We’re going to have a few of those signed as well to hand out. See the shirt? You get the idea. Let’s celebrate our 2 years in style.

So that Challenge. Unlock it. It is your ticket to win. Each day this week we’re going to give out a mini prize package consisting of the signed copy of the game, and KI shirt. Friday we’ll pick 2 winners for the fight sticks. How do you enter? Glad you asked.

-Unlock the ‘It’s a Celebration’ Challenge in Killer Instinct by simply completing a match in any game mode -Take a screenshot of the completed Challenge (Xbox App,, SmartGlass or a photo…any way you choose) with your Gamertag in the picture -Post the screenshot of your completed Challenge in our forums (thread link here) -Wait patiently

As we go through the week we will select a daily winner, and Friday evening we will select our two Grand Prize winners. The Challenge only runs until this Thursday, so you’ll need to complete a match in KI by then, however you have until Friday to post your screenshot. The thread will be closed at 5pm PST on Friday. Good luck!

That’s going to wrap it up for today, but again we want to thank you for making KI what it is today. There will be a couple more surprises as we trail through the week so make sure to keep checking back for more.

Catch you all tomorrow!

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