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Tiger Pack and Discounts on Packs and Boosters – Available This Weekend

UltraTech Timestamp:

If you’ve been trying to get your hands on the new Tiger Guardian, you’ll be happy to know that the Tiger Pack is back! This particular Guardian allows you to break through an opponent’s guard with Special Attacks. It’s really as good as it sounds and it will definitely help you in your quest to stop Gargos and unlock the Astral Plane stage.


That’s not all though – The Tiger Pack, along with the Killer, Epic, Rare, and Loot Pack are all on sale! We’ve also discounted Booster Packs for everyone trying to unlock their favorite character’s accessories and colors.


This weekend’s update also includes a fix for the Titan’s Vengeance Dossier not unlocking. This Dossier is now given at the end of the Titan Quest Chain. If you have already completed this Quest you can now reset its progress and play through it again. Simply select Eyedol from the Characters List in the Shadow Lords Archives. From there, hit the X button to reset the Quest Chain.