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Can you believe it, we are already a month into 2017 (though I still find myself writing 2016 from time to time) and we are now a full month past the Kilgore live stream that took place on the KI Beam Channel.


During this stream, Keits and Delriach left you all with a small glimpse of a fun feature coming to Killer Instinct in the very near future: Ultimates.


If you have Shadow Jago, or have competed against him, you’ve undoubtedly come across an Ultimate before. Like an Ultra Combo, an Ultimate is used to put a stamp on a victory, decisively ending the match with an emphatic blow. After years of requests, we are happy to say that Ultimates are making their way into Killer Instinct.


Earlier this week we gave you an opportunity to ask your burning questions around Ultimates, and we are here today to answer some of those for you now. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.


KevBones10: Will every character get Ultimates?

At this time, only a handful of characters will be receiving Ultimates. How many exactly? 15 characters. This does not include Shadow Jago who already has an Ultimate.


MarcusMark: Do we need to pay for said Ultimates?

More on that after the Q&A portion.


MandrillManiac: How do you perform them? Is it universal or a different motion for each character?

Ultimates are performed by starting an Ultra Combo, then quickly pressing LP and LK. This will trigger the Ultimate. This is also why many of you astutely noticed that in our reveal, Jago appears to start his Ultra animation before going in to his Ultimate. This is the reason why.


Fwufikins: When exactly are they coming? (We know February but)…

Stay tuned…


VladKravich: How many Ultimates per character?

There will be 1 Ultimate for each of the 15 characters.


SaltyInstinct: Damn I should have asked WHEN is this blog coming out…

I know this isn’t really a question, but I couldn’t resist putting it in this blog just to say “today” arbitrarily.


RoughshodPoppy1: Is it like Shadow Jago where you still need to have your first health bar?

Yes. You need to be on your first bar of health to perform an Ultimate, as expected. No Supreme Victory, no Ultimate.


xCrimsonLegendx: If Ultimates are well received would you consider doing Retro Ultimates?

Just over a year ago, we adamantly told you that Shadow Jago is the only character with an Ultimate, and at the time of speaking that was very much truth. There were no plans to give more characters Ultimates. Somehow, some way, we made it happen. I cannot recall the exact conversation that led to Ultimates, but it happened.


With that said, we all love Killer Instinct, and we love that YOU love KI. If we can add more features down the road, we will. That’s no promise that it will happen. That’s no promise that it is on/off the table. That’s only a promise that we are set on making the best game we can.


…or in fewer words, the always-loved, “stay tuned.”


CriticalSix4677: Can we expect ultimate for every character to land on February, or will they be released gradually?

The first pack of Ultimates will land in February. As we continue our work, we will release subsequent Ultimates in later months 3zjzbvv.


FabledScarab79: Any new fight challenges, achievements, or icons linked to the Ultimates?

No. There will not be any new Fight Challenges, Achievements, or icons associated with Ultimates.


SneerfulWater57: Will Ultimates be tracked, a la the ‘no. of Ultras performed’ stat in players’ data?

No, they will not.


Iago407: What is the method of unlocking them?

When Ultimates are released, you will head to the in-game store in the area that currently reads, “Coming Soon.” This section will be renamed at a later date. Care to take a stab at the new moniker? Once there, you will be able to select the Ultimate pack for download. As more packs are released, return to the Store to secure them.


K0LDX: Since it looks like Ultras can be cancelled into Ultimates now, do you have to start with the Ultra first or can you just go straight into an Ultimate (once the conditions are met) like you can with Shadow Jago?

You must start with the input for Ultra first, then quickly press LP+LK to activate the Ultimate. You cannot directly enter an Ultimate without first having started the Ultra.


Now that I’ve avoided (read: trolled) the tough questions long enough, let’s get back to the few thoughts on everyone’s minds.


Will I have to pay for Ultimates?

No. Ultimates will be free for EVERYONE. As we discussed how to best release Ultimates, their cost, and their availability, Ken Lobb took over the conversation and before anyone else could get a word in edgewise he proclaimed, “Ultimates are a part of the original KI, and came with the game when you put your quarter in the machine. They MUST be included for free.” We all nodded our heads in agreement and said, “yes. That was the plan we were going to propose.” Easiest meeting ever.


When Ultimates come down the pipeline, head on over to the Store. Select your Ultimate package, and download to your hearts content. The price is and will always be $0.00 (or maybe it’s listed as “Free” in the store, can’t remember the exact verbiage). Regardless, this is a gift to you, our loving fans.


Will I have to unlock Ultimates through the in-game progression like Shadow/Mimic Skins?

We mulled this idea over, and even considering making it happen in some way shape or form, but decided against it. When you download the Ultimate pack, you can instantly use them on the characters provided. This gift is meant to be a thank you for all that enjoy KI. Whether you joined us back in the 90’s, Season 1, Season 2, or Season 3, we wanted you to ALL be able to enjoy Ultimates right out of the gate.


When will Ultimates be released?

The first pack of Ultimates will be released…in February.

Ok, no more trolling, promise. The Ultimate Master Pack includes fancy, fantastical, fierce finishers for five favorite fighters (holy alliteration, Batman!) and releases on February 14th. Valentine’s Day. What better way to present our love for you and for Killer Instinct than dropping the first Ultimate Pack on such a date? I’m not saying that this is the best gift ever, but it is.


Which characters are included in this Ultimate Master Pack?

Jago, Maya, Thunder, TJ Combo, and Tusk.


When can we see their Ultimates.

You’ve seen Jago’s already. How about we show you Thunder’s…now? We’ll release the final 3 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of next week!


With that, we are out. We hope you’re excited about the upcoming release of Ultimates. We certainly know we are. Pop into the forums and let us know what you think. We’ll see you next week with a look at the next 3 Ultimates.