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This Weekend in Shadow Lords – Super Mystery Pack

UltraTech Timestamp:

As your’re more than likely aware, each weekend in Killer Instinct we like to shake things up a bit in regards to Shadow Lords. You’ve seen us introduce the Fractured Ward Pack which promised that specific Guardian to anyone who purchased it. You’ve seen off the Super Killer Pack. This weekend we’d like to introduce the Super Mystery Pack!


3 Random Drops! Guardians, Artifacts, Consumables, Items of ANY Tier! Score Big!


That’s right, you have a chance to get your hands on any item, any tier of Guardian, or any consumable from this random chance pack. The best part is this pack comes in at the low, low price of 150 KI Gold, or 1,050 Astral Gems.


Like all good things, this won’t last forever. So if you fancy yourself a bit of a  game of chance, and the possible rewards included in the Super Mystery Pack intrigue you, feel free to roll the dice, so to speak, and see what rewards you can reap from this limited time offer. While you’re at it, show us what you got from the pack by tweeting a picture to @KillerInstinct. We’ll share our favorites throughout the weekend.