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Introducing the Riptor Shirt from Eighty Sixed!

By now we all know that Eighty Sixed kicks ass at making the most badass Killer Instinct swag there is. (If you don’t know, you’ll just have to trust us…. Read More

“Reactor” Shirt Available from Eighty Sixed

Good news, our friends at Eighty Sixed Clothing are back with another KI shirt just for you!

Killer Instinct Comic: Volume 3

From Dynamite Comics:   Jago is under attack by the Coven’s wendigo army – but the unexpected arrival of Tusk turns the tide of the battle! The two warriors compare… Read More

Killer Instinct Comic: Volume 4

Dynamite Comics is back again with volume 4 of the KI Comics! Here’s the synopsis: Kim Wu, Jago and Tusk join forces to seek out the war-golem Aganos and the… Read More

Eighty Sixed’s Tomahawk Shirt

Eighty Sixed Clothing came back with another wonderful shirt design. Tomahawk is now available for purchase.

More Killer Keychains!

Eighty Sixed did it again. They just released some brand new killer keychains. (Sorry not sorry for that.)   But seriously. They are amazing. Take a look:     I want… Read More