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Double XP – Shadow Jago

UltraTech Timestamp:


You know, after last weekend we came to realize that we really, really enjoy delivering beatdowns to opponents, and earning DOUBLE the amount of base XP for our efforts. We enjoy it so much that we decided every weekend is going to be a Double XP weekend in some way, shape, or form.

Starting this week – well, technically last week – we are going to offer Double XP every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The main difference between this and our normal Double XP offering is that we are going to focus on one character each week. There will be times where we mix it up, for sure, but for planning’s sake: one character per week.

This week we are kicking things off with Shadow Jago. Why, you ask? Well if you hadn’t heard, Ultimate Source is working through their Limited Edition Shadow Jago Figure stock, and we figure that’s a simple enough segue to transition in to this weekend.

Starting today (well, technically 12:00 am UTC) Shadow Jago will offer DOUBLE the amount of Base XP earned across all game modes. The Double XP promotion will last until Midnight on Sunday night (8 am UTC).

That’s it. Simple enough. Get in there and FIGHT ON!