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Killer Instinct World Cup 2017 Season Announcement

UltraTech Timestamp:

Killer Instinct Season 3 is out and the busy tournament season is already underway with the 8bit Beatdown online events! With that, we’re excited for another year of community events teaming up with the KI World Cup! We’ll let the Almighty Brandon Alexander take it from here:

Hey Guys!

This is Brandon Alexander, Head of the Killer Instinct World Cup (KIWC) and I have a good amount of information regarding this KI World Cup Season! We are going to cover things such has the New and Improved Combo Assist, Shadow Jago, KIWC Qualifiers, KIWC Points, and more!

First off, let me congratulate everyone on the Killer Instinct team at Iron Galaxy and Microsoft for the launch of Season 3! It is too amazing!

KIWC Qualifiers:

We just announced our Online KIWC Qualifiers: the KI Pro League and the sanctioning of the 8 Bit Beatdown tourtnaments! Both are FREE to enter and is open to anyone via Xbox One or Windows 10 PC!

To register for 8 bit beatdown and KI Pro League (until the KIWC site is up and running) go to

I have some more ways for you to qualify from the comfort of your own home! In KI we have something awesome called Ranked leagues and once you achieve Killer Tier you can start competing for Top 32! Well I am happy to announce that all of Top 32 will receive KIWC Points again for the Season! Let the grind begin!

I also want to announce offline tournaments for this KIWC season. Kombo Klash events are the only way to earn points offline for KIWC 2017! Every offline event that is sanctioned is a Premier Event for the KI World Cup! Here are the events we have so far:

1) Texas Showdown (4/22-24, Houston, Texas)

2) Northwest Majors (4/29-5/1, Des Moines, Washington)

3) Combo Breaker 2016 (5/27-29, St. Charles, Illinois)

4) CEO (Community Effort Orlando, 6/24-26, Orlando Florida)

5) Kombo Klash (8/6-7, San Antonio, Texas)

6) Absolute Battle (8/26-28, Dallas, TX)

7) Heart of Battle (12/2-4, Houston, Texas)

8) Kumite In Tennessee (1/6-8/2017 and location TBA)

9) Kombo Klash Netherlands (Date and location TBA)

10) Kombo Klash France (Date and location TBA)

11) Kombo Klash Canada (Date and location TBA)

12) Kombo Klash Community Choice (Date and location TBA)

13) Possibly More???

That is a lot of offline events!

You may be asking yourself, “What is Kombo Klash Community Choice?” Let me tell you! I want the community to have a part in deciding a tournament location so that you can all really feel like it is your tournament! In order to accomplish this, we’re going to have a poll on where you can vote to possibly give your city a qualifying tournament! So Stay Tuned!

With all this you have more than enough ways to qualify for the KIWC! Moving on to the points for all these awesome events!

KI World Cup Point Distribution

Kombo Klash

1) 512(First Place Automatically Qualifies For KIWC) 2) 256 3) 128 4) 64 5) 32 7) 16 9) 8 13) 4

KI Pro League

1) 256 2) 128 3) 64 4) 32 5) 16 7) 8 9) 4 13) 2

8 Bit Beatdown

1) 128 2) 64 3) 32 4) 16 5) 8 7) 4 9) 2 13) 1

Top 32 Ranked leagues

1) 64 2) 32 3) 16 4) 8 5) 6 6) 4 7) 3 8) 2 9-32) 1

Combo Assist!

Combo Assist is something I have talked about being a part of the KIWC for a while now, but due to it being in BETA. I had to have it banned. As of the KI Season 3 update Combo Assist has been improved and all that nasty stuff is long gone! With that said I am announcing that Combo Assist is Allowed at ALL KIWC qualifiers. With Combo Assist being available, we have a possibility to grow our audience not only online, but offline as well! With that said, If there are any issues found with using Combo Assist please report to the forums with evidence of the issues and we can revisit this.

Shadow Jago!

We are excited that Shadow Jago is permanently available for purchase now so he will be legal at all KIWC events! Check out the announcement here.

Killer Instinct World Cup Website!

In order to have a single place to keep up with points, top players, events, rules and regulations, and so on, we are currently working on a KIWC website! The website will be up and running in a few weeks! We look forward to announcing more information about the site soon!

That is pretty much all I have for today. I will have more information once the KIWC website drops in the coming weeks! If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @XboxViking! Also note that I am yelling 90% of all this as I type. #ForAsgard

Sincerely, Brandon Alexander Head of The Killer Instinct World Cup

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