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Patch Notes – 2.9

UltraTech Timestamp:

Hey everyone,

We were excited to show off the Rash trailer today and the team is loving all of the positive response to his inclusion in Season 3. We hope you’re enjoying the 2.9 Update with Rash this week and wanted to share patch notes that also went out with the update below:

General Changes:

– Updated Main Menu video to include the entire Season 2 Cast – Riptor and Omen are now available for use in Shadow Lab – Various system improvements to Shadow Lab – Fixed an issue where Aganos’ rival cinematic played before his Rival Fight in Season 2 Story Mode – Completed Goals in Season 2 Story Mode now show the proper cinematic when selected – Added an option to view unlocked intro and rival cutscenes in the Cinematics tab of the Extras menu – Added audio cues to the Shadow Meter when an entire bar is filled up – Fixed an issue where Jago Ending 3 did not fire if completed by Shadow Jago – Fixed an issue where ARIA’s health was not being reset when exiting and re-entering Survival Mode – Fixed an issue where defeating ARIA while she had instinct activated results in a DRAW – Fixed a few cases where characters would not auto-quick-rise after their opponent failed a counter breaker. – Fixed a very rare issue that could get juggled opponents stuck in the air. – Added audio cues to KV meter buildup to inform players of when a combo is about to drop

Character Changes:

Jago: -Added a visual effect that plays when you gain Instinct Meter from completing his Around the World combo trait.

Sabrewulf: -Fixed a bug that could cause a Heavy Kick Rabid Double to come out in a single press with specific timing. -Fixed a bug that could cause Lv1 Eclipse Ender to whiff from max distance.

Sadira: -Fixed a VFX bug that caused the webs from Heavy Widow’s Bite to attach to the wrong spots on Aganos. -Fixed a bug that could cause late-jump-cancel auto doubles to be blocked during Instinct. -Fixed a bug that prioritized her air target combos over her air specials off of jumping LK.

Orchid: -Fixed a bug preventing you from doing a counter breaker during Shadow Flick Flack after the 2nd rekka, even though your opponent could break.

Spinal: -Soul Sword linkers have less pushback to fix an issue where certain manuals could miss.

TJ Combo: -Fixed a bug that could cause the 3rd Punching Bag to come out in a single press with specific timing.

Omen: -Fixed a bug that let you counter breaker from a blocked Shadow Slide in specific situations. -Fixed a bug that let you Instinct Cancel out of his throw earlier than expected.

Aganos: -Fixed a bug causing all of the air Natural Disasters to be breakable with Lights and unbreakable on the way down.

Cinder: -Fixed a bug that caused Pyrobombs to not advance damage scaling to the next step. -When hit out of Trailblazer, the VFX will cut off instead of finishing. -When Burnout debuff ends, a smoke effect will play to visually indicate it. -Fireflash’s flame trail doesn’t linger nearly as long. -Fixed a bug preventing Heavy Fission from being breakable as a manual. -Added audio cues to Cinder’s Burnout Enders for both Inferno and Fission.

*We are aware of a meter building Spinal bug In the latest build and working on a fix.*

No Changes for: -Fulgore -Glacius -Hisako -Kan Ra -Maya -Riptor -Thunder