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“Reactor” Shirt Available from Eighty Sixed

Good news, our friends at Eighty Sixed Clothing are back with another KI shirt just for you!

Eighty Sixed’s Tomahawk Shirt

Eighty Sixed Clothing came back with another wonderful shirt design. Tomahawk is now available for purchase.

Killer Instinct – Character Keychains

Fight on! Engineered with precision and quality that would make even Ultratech jealous, these Killer Instinct keychains have all the ferocity of their full-sized counterparts. They make the perfect accessory, from… Read More

“Origins” T-Shirt Available from Eighty Sixed

The Origins t-shirt from Eighty Sixed is now available.

New T-Shirt from Eighty Sixed: Onryo

Eighty Sixed clothing is back again with another shirt for you to gaze upon, and of course purchase.

Free Stuff Friday – Arctic Blast T-shirt

Free Stuff Friday has returned!