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Killer Insight: Neilimen “GutterMagic” Alicea

We talk to GutterMagic, 2nd place EVO2015 finisher about his KI Cup experience, leveling up the scene and Season 3.

Killer Insight: ChereeZ

This week we talk to ChereeZ from Eastern France, a Killer Instinct fanatic who supports the community any way she can.

Killer Insight: Grant “Tswagg” Gibson

Meet Grant “Tswagg” Gibson, one of the youngest and already accomplished Killer Instinct competitors. We talk about his top 8 finish at EVO 2014 and the upcoming KI World Cup.

Killer Insight: EVO KI Champion Johnathan “Rico Suave” De Leon

Welcome back to Killer Insight, a new interview series that lets you meet key members of the Killer Instinct community! This week we¬†talk to the EVO 2015 Killer Instinct Champion,… Read More

Killer Insight: Interview with Kenneth “UA | Bass” Armas

We interview Kenneth Armas about his experiences in high level KI tournaments and what got him into the competitive scene.

Killer Instinct Panel from Evo 2015

If you didn’t have the chance to watch the Killer Instinct panel that occurred during Evo 2015, we’ve got you covered.