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XP Boosters Available Now!

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If the “Coming Soon” message placed over the Boosters section of the Store has had you teeming with anticipation for the past year, we are happy to be able to finally say, “Boosters have arrived!”

Rolling out with the 2.11 Update (which you can read all about here), XP Boosters double the amount of base XP earned in a match for a set amount of time. The more XP you earn, the faster you’ll level up each character. The higher your character level, the more customization options you’ll unlock. Think of XP Boosters as your own Double XP Weekend ANY time you choose.

Have an upcoming day off from work or school? Looking for a reason to take an extended vacation and deliver some beatdowns? We have a Booster package available to suit any of your needs.

There are 3 versions of XP Boosters available:

  • -200% XP Boost for 1 day – 750 KI Gold
  • -200% XP Boost for 3 days – 1500 KI Gold
  • -200% XP Boost for 9 days – 3000 KI Gold

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You’ll then be asked to confirm your purchase choice. Once complete, you’ll notice that you now have a handy timer letting you know how much time you have left on your particular Booster choice.


That’s it! Get out there and utilize those Boosters.


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