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Ranked Crossplay Test – February 2024

See an update about our XP promo and changes to Ranked Promotions at the bottom!   Killers, You’ve been asking for years to allow Ranked Crossplay between Steam and Xbox/Windows…. Read More

Patch Notes 3.11

Patch Notes 3.11.11:   General We were able to find and fix an issue causing dropped inputs under certain conditions A bug causing players to be awarded incorrect amounts of… Read More

KI 10th Anniversary / An update on availability of Killer Instinct editions

Dear Combo Breakers, James Goddard here! First of all, on behalf of everyone who’s ever worked on Killer Instinct, I’d like to thank you, our community, for ten amazing years… Read More

Evo 2023 Wrap-Up / 10th Anniversary Update

Dear Combo Breakers, James Goddard here and we are back from Evo 2023! First, a quick thanks so much to everyone who took part in or watched the KI Evo… Read More

Website Update

We’ve just updated the look of our website to improve long-term stability and ensure compliance with global accessibility standards.  Gone is our old Select a Fighter widget, but all info… Read More

Patch Notes

Hi everyone, and happy Thursday! Those playing Killer Instinct on console can expect a large patch – roughly 3.4GB – when they next boot up the game. This patch contains… Read More