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Kombo Klash Netherlands 2016

The first stop in the KI Ultra Tour is here!

Combo Breaker 2016 Details

Combo Breaker is proud to finally reveal their joint effort with the Killer Instinct Team

Season 3 of The 8bit Beatdown Tournament Series begins on April 3rd

Season 3 of the 8Bit Beatdown series begins this weekend!

Killer Insight: Darnell “sleep” Waller

We talk to Darnell ‘sleep” Waller from Detroit, Michigan. He’s one of the best players in the tournament scene known for his Kan-Ra, Glacius and Aria play.

Killer Insight: Sightless Kombat

Meet SightlessKombat, a Killer Instinct player from the UK that achieved Killer Rank despite his blindness.

Killer Insight: Neilimen “GutterMagic” Alicea

We talk to GutterMagic, 2nd place EVO2015 finisher about his KI Cup experience, leveling up the scene and Season 3.