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Quality-of-Life May Update

Dear Combo Breakers,  This winter will be Killer Instinct’s 10th year on Xbox Live. Throughout that time, Xbox platforms and services have been constantly evolving. We have been able to… Read More

An update on Ranked Killer Leaderboards for December 2022/January 2023

Hello Killer Instinct players! This is James Goddard, sharing an update on Killer Instinct’s Ranked Killer Leaderboards on behalf of the entire KI team. In late 2022, our team was… Read More

#PCK Season 3 Finale is Sponsored by the KI Ultra Tour

From PharrohYami:   We are happy to announced that #PCK Season 3 finale is sponsored by the KI Ultra Tour and will have a TWO THOUSAND dollar (yes, that’s $2,000!)… Read More

Holiday Wallpaper

Yesterday I asked if you guys were interested in some holiday themed wallpaper and apparently you are, who knew? But then people also wanted mobile ones so had to hold the… Read More

It’s a Celebration!

Happy 4th birthday KI! Can you believe it’s already been 4 years since the launch of the Xbox One console and, therefore, of your favorite fighting game? I guess it’s… Read More

Double XP Weekend May 26th-30th

It is about that time again, wouldn’t you say?! Time to enjoy a long weekend, kick back, hand out beatdowns, and earn twice the amount of base XP as you… Read More