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Killer Instinct – Shadow Lords – Guardians Tutorial: Watcher

There’s a new sheriff, err, Guardian in town named the “Watcher.” With the arrival of 3.5, you can now purchase the Watcher – a Rare or better version – much… Read More

3.5 Patch Notes – Combat Balance

3.5 is nearly here! The Update rolls out tomorrow – in the wee hours of the morning. Can’t quite say the exact time, but we know for a fact that… Read More

3.5 Patch Notes – Shadow Lords

Hey all!   We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting the launch of 3.5, and we are happy to say that the latest Killer Instinct Update will come on November 22nd… Read More

Behind the Sticks – Fiyah Liger

Tell us about yourself.   My name is Damien aka Fiyah Liger. I am currently on the Selfless Gaming organization to compete in Killer Instinct. I am an avid sports… Read More

Day 1 of Shadow Lords – Changes Incoming!

We’re watching how you play Shadow Lords & adjusting accordingly!

3.4 Patch Notes

The long-awaited patch notes for 3.4 have arrived!