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CEO 2018

Last week we announced our intentions for Combo Breaker 2018.   Today, we’re announcing the second of tournaments that we’ll be supporting – CEO 2018.   Kilgore Community Fund Pot… Read More


We know y’all have been patiently (or not so patiently in some cases) waiting for news from the Kilgore fund and it’s finally time for announcements. This is the first of… Read More

“Reactor” Shirt Available from Eighty Sixed

Good news, our friends at Eighty Sixed Clothing are back with another KI shirt just for you!

Killer Instinct Comic: Volume 3

From Dynamite Comics:   Jago is under attack by the Coven’s wendigo army – but the unexpected arrival of Tusk turns the tide of the battle! The two warriors compare… Read More

Killer Instinct Comic: Volume 4

Dynamite Comics is back again with volume 4 of the KI Comics! Here’s the synopsis: Kim Wu, Jago and Tusk join forces to seek out the war-golem Aganos and the… Read More

Community Screenshots Blog #2

I asked for some airborne snaps for this challenge and you guys rose to the occasion! (Sorry not sorry for bad puns.)   Again, these are in no particular order… Read More

Killer Instinct DE

Access the entire Killer Instinct universe in this definitive edition packed with content from all three seasons.

Every character is here—all 26, including special edition Shadow Jago—plus all 20 stages with visual upgrades and lighting changes. Also included are every song and character trailer in the Killer Instinct archives, never-before-seen concept artwork, an interactive universe map, and exclusive behind-the-scenes videos.