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UltraTech File - Mira

The vampire Mira was once a member of the monster-hunters known as The Night Guard. But after a mission gone awry, she was turned into one of the very same creatures whom she had been sent to destroy.

Her gauntlets—the Gloves of Rasavatham—allow her to transmute the blood of her victims into the mercury-like substance she wields with such fury. Given to her by the True Tsar—the leader of a society of Russian vampires called The Coven—the gauntlets are a perversion of the alchemical magicks of the ancient Philosopher’s Stone.

Growing up with her fraternal twin sister Maya high in the Andes Mountains of South America, Mira was initiated into the secrets of the Night Guard from a very early age. She and her sister devoted themselves to their family’s cause—the destruction of all creatures of the night. Their family motto was “Blood of my blood,” and they each had this motto tattooed on their skin.

When the Coven’s secret headquarters was finally located in a system of caves in the Ural Mountains of Russia, the twins were sent to root it out and assassinate its sinister leader. But Maya was grievously wounded in the assault, and the two were forced to flee, overwhelmed by vampires and their army of wendigos. To save her sister, Mira set off a bomb, causing a massive cave-in. Maya escaped in the chaos; but Mira was buried in the rubble.

Dragged from the debris by the vampires, the dying Mira was brought to the Tsar. The Rasputin-like leader infused her with his dark elixir, thus saving her life by turning her into one of the undead, and binding her to him body and soul.

Now Mira serves as one of the Tsar’s most trusted lieutenants, searching the world for ancient relics to help build up his powers. The Tsar has pledged himself to the Shadow Lord Gargos, but Mira knows that he secretly longs to usurp that Astral being’s powers and make himself master of the world…with Mira by his side.

But she knows that she will eventually have to face her sister Maya in the coming war for the dominion of the Earth, and she must decide if blood is truly thicker than water.